Korg WaveDrum

Dynamic Percussion Synthesizer

By far the most expressive electronic drum made

Mixing synthesizer DSP algorithm with a PCM sound (sampled instrument) and acoustic sound from the drum head makes this electronic drum quite unique.

Due to audio from the acoustic drum head piezo pick-up sounds from WaveDrum will respond much like an acoustic drum and let trough the sound caracter you expect when tension or loosen the head and hitting it with different sticks, brushes, mallets, fingers or nails.

It can be incredibly sensitive and super responsive which is very inspiring. At the same time this can become a headache in live situations where the drum head might resonate with vibration on stage. Treat the problem it respond very similar to an acoustic drum sounding muffed and muted.

Global Edition comes with 140 loop phrases. Can't say I found them very useful as there aren't really a decent way to start and stop the loop from Live mode, nor can speed be adjusted.

Editing sounds are of course a nightmare with 3-character display, a minimum of knobs and buttons. But with a cheat chart in reach and some patient one eventually get there. And it's worth the time spent to learn it as WaveDrum will reward you with loads of useful percusive sounds.

Sound design

Sound design are divided into two individual paths. Operation manual can be a little confusing here but it starts with user first selecting between what Korg call Single size or Double size algorithm.

Single size: Drum head and Rim trigger each independently are allocated one single size algorithm and one PCM instrument each. I.e. user select one algoritme and one PCM instrument for the head and another pair for the rim. All four instruments share data from the pressure sensor. The head sensor and rim sensor are responsible for triggering algorithm and PCM sounds.

Double size: In this mode a single Double sized algorithm takes inputs from both the Head and Rim sensor. The algorithm also takes control over one single PCM instrument, including when to trigger it. Pressure sensor feeds both the algorithm and the PCM instrument.


SILVER - Original version released 2009

BLACK - Identical to Silver, Limited Edition color scheme

RED - Oriental Edition, identical to Silver with added algorithms and samples

BLUE - Global Edition, all sounds from Oriental and Silver with better audio circuit and added algorithms now 60 total and new PCM instruments, 400 in total.

Algorithms Global Edition
1–26: Single-size       27–60: Double-size
01 Udu			27 Conga
02 Temple		28 Bongo
03 WoodDrum		29 Snare Drum 1
04 Analog		30 Snare Drum 2		
05 Arimbao		31 Snare Drum 3
06 Sawari-A		32 Timbales
07 WindDrum		33 Cajon
08 Triangle		34 Djembe
09 Water		35 BassDrum+SnareDrum 1
10 BigHand		36 BassDrum+SnareDrum 2
11 Steel ST		37 Darabuka
12 Mo'Daiko		38 Darabuka Ensemble
13 Sawari-B		39 Darabuka Turkish
14 Tabla		40 Tar
15 Gong			41 Daf
16 Wah Harp		42 Doyra
17 TalkDrum		43 Req
18 Jingle		44 Daf Iranian
19 Bonga		45 Bendir
20 Koto			46 Snare (Z) 14"x6.5"
21 Bamboo		47 Snare (Acrylic) 14"x6.5"
22 JingDrum		48 Snare (Wood) 14"x7.5"
23 Don-Hya		49 Snare (Wood) 12"x6"
24 Mariko		50 Piccolo Snare (Brass) 13"x4"
25 Upo			51 Quinto (Wood)
26 1812			52 Conga (Wood)
			53 Tumba (Wood)
			54 Djembe (Fiber)
			55 Djembe (CowSkin Hi)
			56 Djembe (CowSkin Lo)				
			57 Cajon 2
			58 Bass Drum+Snare Drum 3
			59 Bass Drum+Snare Drum 4
			60 Bass Drum+Snare Drum 5

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