Circular Membrane Modes Calculator

Vibriant circular instruments like drum heads and cymbals do not have integer divided harmonic frequencies like stringed instruments and thus behave different with regards to pitch.
These instruments harmonic relationship follows a more complex series of fundamentals called modes.

Experimenting with adaptive synthesis for percussive sounds this calculator might help speed up calculation of multiple frequency bands.

Mode 01 [S] : Hz = f 1
11[T]: 1.59f1
21[T]: 2.14f1
02[S]: 2.30f1
31[T]: 2.65f1
12 : 2.92f1
41[T]: 3.16f1
22 : 3.50f1
03[S]: 3.60f1
51[T]: 3.65f1
32 : 4.06f1
61[T]: 4.15f1
[T] Preferd subset of vibrational modes for a timpani
[S] Typical modes for a snare drum excited in the center

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