Alesis Datadisk

MIDI data storage and MIDI song player

MIDI data are stored and retrieved directly from disk without use of large RAM buffer.

Datadisk is constructed around the 80C31 CPU and Western Digital WD1772PH02-02 floppy disk controller. It support DD (double density) floppys with max disk size at 800K. Max file count are total of 53 files for each floppy.

To replace FDD with USB stick use a cheap FDD emulator influenced by the Indian GOTEK hardware based around the STM32 SoC (System on a Chip). This device need new firmware written by Keir Fraser Floppy drive emulator for Gotek hardware

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dave    2018-06-19 07:25:31
Help! I've installed the gotec and am able to format any of the 100 partitions via the "format" button on the DataDisk. That's it. Any further action generates a "Disk Unreadable" error. Since I do not know what parameters to use, Flash Floppy is irrelevant.